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Cando Financial offers cheap car loan interest rates. Compare our car finance interest rates with banks and save. Use our online car loan calculators - compare your loan repayments today.

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Car Loan Interest Rates

Car finance rates play a critical part when purchasing a new or used car. Cheaper car loan interest rates can either save or cost you thousands. Here at Cando Financial we understand the importance of cheaper repayments. The lower the repayments, the less you have to pay each week or month. We want you to get the best car for your dollar. Whether you are purchasing for personal use or for a commercial use, knowing you are getting a good deal for a great used or new car just feels good. Cando finance and its excellent staff can help. We have a variety of contacts all across Australia with banks, commercial lenders, and dealers. That network pays dividends for you in our ability to get the lowest car loan repayments and the best terms. Call Cando today and talk to one of our car loan specialists for a quote or loan approval now!

Cheap Car Finance Rates

Quick approvals for all car loans with guaranteed cheap rates are what Cando car lending finance brokers are all about. Get your next interest rate quote from the cheapest and best vehicle finance broker in Australia. Interest rates have never been cheaper, best lock your loan in today before they start to go up again? Most car or business car loans are provided at a fixed interest rate your repayment do not fluctuate. This allows you to budget long term and maintain your budget.

Rates vary but the best is not always the cheapest

This is a common mistake made by the general public, what rate, what is your best rate is the first question most client ask. Do not even bother asking this question. Instead ask for the monthly repayment the bank wants you to pay. Multiple this by how many months you are required to pay the loan, this is your true cost of your finance. There are many other things to consider but basically if are comparing 2 loans and intend to pay them over the same time frame, not earlier or later then this is the best information I can provide.

Car finance brokers also receive a kick back from a higher rate thus finding a good fair broker to look after your finance application is advisable.We are open 7 days a week and can also get your loan fully approved over the weekend. Unsecured car loans attract a slightly higher interest rate than a secured vehicle. The reasons are obvious the lender has no chance of receiving payment should you decide to not repay the debt for any reason, of course if this was to happen, your chance of receiving and approval from another lender within the 5-7 year term you credit reference is damaged is almost zero.


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